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Getting to know the alphabet is one of the very first steps you need to master when it comes to reading. Learning about numbers is essential when it comes to understanding maths later on as your child grows.  Having all of these building blocks on show around your house in the form of posters such as these shown below is a fantastically simple and easy way to help your children to learn the vital basics of literacy and numeracy almost without realising it.

Lower Case Alphabet poster A2 sized by Catherine Pain

Lower Case Alphabet A2

Upper Case Alphabet A2 sized poster by Catherine Pain

Upper Case Alphabet A2

Numbers poster A2 sized by Catherine Pain

Numbers A2

What other people have found about the posters and are saying:

“I had looked on Amazon and the various poster websites for ages. I found your alphabet and number poster in a book shop in Cambridge. I then searched for you online and found that you also did a number poster too…The posters have now been framed and are in my baby’s nursery. Your selling point is that you are an artist who has painted these and that you are reasonably priced. They have not been electronically produced and are a style that looks really good framed in a child’s bedroom.  Your posters were the only ones for me that really fitted the bill. Others have commented on how nice they look.” L. Dobson

“My twin girls and I love these brightly coloured posters. They’ve helped develop the girls vocabulary and brighten up my home. Just lovely.” Kate Matthews

I designed these posters because I have worked with children in schools over years and years both as a volunteer and a Teaching Assistant, as well as being lucky enough to have my two wonderful sons.

I am passionate about the need for children to be empowered and if they can read and understand maths then they are very well equipped to manage their lives in this modern age we live in today.

In the classrooms in which I have had the honour of working I have witnessed some brilliant teachers and seen the best of phonetic teaching methods. These posters were carefully created to make the most of what is taught in many primary schools these days. For instance, each item chosen to illustrate each letter was a deliberate decision. The vowel sounds I use are short – ‘u’ as in umbrella and ‘o’ as in orange etc. It was also important to keep the same theme when it came to the consonants: ‘p’ is for parrot and pig.  (Of course I have to beg a little artistic licence for the ‘x’ for ‘xylophone’). In the same vein I have included in the numbers poster the English words below each number, which reinforces the literacy angle. Each number also shows the same number of objects with that number and I have also made a great effort to include pictures which will be of interest to boys and girls alike. That is my aim anyway, and you (or rather your children) will be the best judges of whether I have succeeded with that!

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“My daughter uses these posters for reference when she is unsure of the letter formation or sound. The pictures are phonetically correct and help greatly. She has become much more confident in writing her numbers the correct way round, copying from the poster. I love the fact the colours are not too bright and garish, they are subtle and blend into our living room. The letters are formed in the correct way. It is difficult to find examples of ‘f’ and ‘k’ [as in the lower case poster]! A great investment on my part as I’m sure she will use them even more when she starts school after the summer! Thank you!” Kirstine Henderson

“The posters are absolutely beautiful. I showed my son and his words were ‘wow mummy look at all the lovely pictures’. Very bright and colorful and a great way for children to learn letters and numbers in a fun and exciting way which captures their imagination. Thanks so much :)” Rachel Gawthrop

“Your posters are gorgeous. Cant wait to sing the alphabet song to my son.” Y Dann Australia

“Dear Catherine, Posters have arrived perfectly and just what I wanted for my nephew.” Kate, Hertfordshire

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“Thanks for sending me the video link, it is fab! Me and my daughter will be singing along when we receive the posters :)” K M of Doncaster

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