Kids print for learning essential educational basics

Kids print set of three posters are available to buy now, which help your child to really understand the raw basics of reading and maths really simply.

Just pop these posters on the wall in your child’s bedroom or in the living room where they become a part of everyday life and help your child learn without making any special effort.

Lower Case Alphabet poster A2 sized by Catherine Pain

Lower Case Alphabet A2

Upper Case Alphabet A2 sized poster by Catherine Pain

Upper Case Alphabet A2

Numbers poster A2 sized by Catherine Pain

Numbers A2

The above three posters were borne from experience as I worked in the classroom and saw how some children really struggled to learn to read. Over time I was inspired to start to create a set of prints that would help kids from day one to just simply see the alphabet and numbers and get used to them as part of their life, and part of their experience. After all once you have memorised the alphabet and know what sound the letters make then it’s actually a short step to reading your first word, and if you can get an idea of what the numbers mean in terms of real things then maths is also accessible.

Please click here for more on the kids print set.

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