Nursery decor

Nursery Decor

Nursery decor

Nursery decor

What other people are saying about why these posters make the best nursery decor possible:

“My twin girls and I love these brightly coloured posters. They’ve helped develop the girls vocabulary and brighten up my home. Just lovely.” Kate Matthews

Is there anything more perfect than putting up nursery decor for your baby that she can actually learn from at the same time? When literacy is at the heart of learning, why not help your child to get a feel for his alphabet just as if it’s a part of the wallpaper of his life? By hanging up these educational posters in your child’s bedroom or nursery you are helping him or her to get a feel for their numbers and letters and giving her/him a sense of all the basic building blocks for reading, writing and understanding maths. Make your child’s room great fun and a learning environment at the same time!

Educational posters are easy to hang in any nursery and they not only look attractive and catch baby’s eye they provide all the tools that children need to get them ready for the day they start to learn reading and number work.

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The individual letters in the alphabets are shown with an object that starts with that letter sound. They were designed to help with sounding out the letters to help with reading. So the letter ‘a’ is shown with an ant or an apple – the vowel is ‘short’ so it sounds like the ‘a’ in cat. This was done to help with phonics when your child is taught more formally later in school. The numbers poster was also carefully designed to help your child become familiar with early maths and as the numbers are written as words too this links in the reading aspect.

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More testimonials:

“Hi Catherine, many thanks for the copies of your poster, my 16 month old claimed them for her own when she saw there was a dog illustration.” Gareth of Essex Tubes

“Thanks for sending me the video link, it is fab! Me and my daughter will be singing along when we receive the posters :)” K M of Doncaster

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