Posters posters posters

Posters posters posters – the totally simple and sure way of teaching your kid their letters and numbers almost without them knowing it. Use the three posters below to give your child English and maths help from day one.

Lower Case Alphabet poster A2 sized by Catherine Pain

Lower Case Alphabet A2

posters posters posters

Upper Case Alphabet A2

Numbers poster A2 sized by Catherine Pain

Numbers A2

Posters are perhaps the most understated way to help children to learn the basic building blocks for literacy and numeracy.

Put these three posters where your child can see them every day and the information will be available for them at any time. In fact without them even making an effort they will very likely find that they start to pick up the letters as every time you mention a letter to them or answer their questions about the pictures they will be learning.

These posters were designed after Catherine Pain worked for years in schools of all kinds teaching literacy and helping with number work.

The alphabets are mostly phonetic. You can read more about and find out how to buy by clicking here.


“Thanks for sending me the video link [see below], it is fab! Me and my daughter will be singing along when we receive the posters :)” K M of Doncaster

To buy all three posters for £17.97 including P+P (1x lower case alphabet and 1x UPPER CASE alphabet and 1x numbers poster) kindly click the Buy Now button below:

The Posters are sent out as soon as possible using first class Royal Mail standard delivery. (At the most I send out within 5 working days).MY GUARANTEE TO YOU:
If you are not happy in any way with your purchase please let me know at once and I will make sure you are supported immediately. My service record is 100% (as you can see on Amazon here:

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